Letters from Mississippi

Letter to Iowa Delegates to the Democratic National Convention

August, 1964

Dear Friends,

I hope you can forgive my having to mimeograph this letter to you. Time is short in Mississippi, yet I realize the seriousness and the importance of this problem and want you to know that many are counting on you. It seems very important that you know this.

I will be a senior at Drake University in Des Moines this fall., where I am a member of the Young Democrats I have lived all my life (21 years worth) in Iowa. However, this month, I am spending my time here in Meridian, Mississippi as a civil rights volunteer for COFO. As each day passes, I grow to see the value and the tremendous amount of work behind the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. I write to you hoping that you may understand how much Mississippi Democrats are counting on you as an Iowa delegate to the National Convention.

May I urge you most strongly, when the question comes up concerning the seating of the Freedom Democratic Party, that you vote for their seating and for the unseating of the regular party !

I wish every one of you could be here to observe the commitment on the part of Mississippians in their desire to support all actions of the National Democratic Convention. The Freedom Democratic Party is completely willing, if seated to support whole-heartedly the Democratic nominee for President, and after seeing the unending amount of work these people are able and desirous of doing, it seems essential that they be given an opportunity to reflect the choice of the majority of Mississippians.

May I ask you to please give this matter very careful consideration?………before casting your vote? The “New Negro” is definitely emerging, and is ready for all types of involvement, especially political involvement…….if we will give him the chance.

If I have been vague or questions are still in your mind, please write to me here. Workers in the political office will be able to answer any question that may be beyond me.

Many of the people here will be at the convention. I hope you can meet some of them and talk with them. We will all be watching hopefully for the best possible results from Atlantic City…….especially by Iowa delegates!!

Yours for Freedom

Patti Miller

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